Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks

AggreGate Platform offers a complete solution for managing electronic signage networks. The system helps to control multiple remote displays, including LCD panels, video cubes, plasma displays, projectors, and full matrix LED boards.

AggreGate is a cross-platform vendor-agnostic system and it does not require any proprietary hardware. Content delivery and self-service kiosk management/monitoring operations are performed via IP network using standard protocols.

AggreGate ensures full integration with other smart building systems within a single control room, including access controlpeople countingnetwork management, fire alarms, etc.

Direct Digital Signage and Self-Service Kiosk Management

  • Integrated UI editor allows visual designing of interactive dynamic forms, maps and interfaces that can be used instead of simple images and videos
  • Batch remote configuration and real-time status monitoring for multiple signage devices
  • Complex schedules for playback and other device operations (e.g. turning displays off during night hours)
  • Acquiring and distributing real-time data from multiple sources, including subscription-based news, weather, financial data, and instant messages
  • Custom data retrieval and processing scripts for importing data from web sites, RSS feeds and other sources


  • Grouping displays and associating user-defined asset tracking information with them for managing large device networks
  • Integrated security model, assigning different access permissions for operators, administrators and system engineers
  • Automatic email/SMS/popup alerting upon communication problems and device-generated warnings (e.g. high lamp hours). All warnings and failures are logged for future analysis.
  • Open-source SDK, Java/.NET APIs and Web Services for controlling PC-based and web-based signage clients, managing content and playlists, etc.
  • Central server and database for storing text notifications, voice messages and other types of content

Third-party Signage/Kiosk Software Integration

Being an umbrella monitoring and management solution for an enterprise, AggreGate Platform integrates with any existing digital signage and interactive kiosk management software. In this middleware role, it:

  • Collects, stores and processes signage/kiosk network statistics
  • Visualizes signage/kiosk network KPIs on unified situation center dashboards
  • Serves as a foundation for use case modeling, A/B analysis and other cross-system analytics
  • Automatically activates rendering or playback of custom messages/videos on electronic signage devices upon company-wide events received from other enterprise systems
  • Emergency messaging upon local alarms or alerts received from national agencies
  • Provides centralized reporting that complies corporate standards