I/O Ninja Terminal/Sniffer Software

All-in-one terminal/sniffer software.
Works as TCPUDPserial terminal. Sniffs Ethernet traffic. Includes monitoring proxy, and more.
Features a slick, intuitive interface.

TIDE - Tibbo Integrated Development Environment

Powerful and free cross-development environment for our Tibbo BASIC devices.
Code editor with syntax highlighting and code hinting. Full-featured cross-debugger makes it seem like the code is running right on your PC.
No need for an ICE machine or additional debugging hardware!

TDST - Tibbo Device Server Toolkit for Windows

Software tools for setup and management of Tibbo serial device servers and modules.
Includes VSPD (Virtual Serial Port Driver) and Connection Wizard for quick setup of new connections.

VSPDL - Virtual Serial Port Driver for Linux

Brings Tibbo Virtual Serial Ports (VSPs) into Linux environment.

AggreGate Platform

Complete device management system for control, configuration and monitoring of distributed device networks. Vertical market solutions include remote monitoring, fleet management, vending machines automation, and more. Cross-platform database-agnostic architecture, rich connectivity, open-source APIs, integrated visual editors, and data analysis tools.

AggreGate Time and Attendance

Corporate employees time and attendance management solution. It collects data from different types of time recorders and provides organization structure management, support for custom shifts, real-time event logging, out-of-the-box attendance reports, and integration with payroll systems.

AggreGate Access Control

Comprehensive system for controlling physical access within an office building or a campus. It features natural cardholder hierarchy, flexible timezones and access policies, anti-passback, guard tours, area presence control, pass count, zone occupancy and expoisure time tracking, custom expiries, and more.

AggreGate Network Manager

Enterprise IT infrastructure management and monitoring system. Designed for data center management, monitoring network traffic and security, bandwidth usage, routers, switches, Windows/Unix servers, printers, environmental sensors, etc. The industry's leading support for non-standard network equipment.


AggreGate SCADA/HMI is a new-gen cross-platform SCADA solution for industrial and building automation, process control, telemetry, and designing custom Human-Machine Interfaces. The system has drivers for industry-standard protocols (Modbus, OPC, and more) allowing to communicate with controllers and devices from thousands of different manufacturers.

AggreGate Building Automation

Solution for bringing intelligence into residential or office building. Control HVAC, lighting, and any other aspect of your building in real-time. Get a clear overview of your facility at a glance with AggreGate's dashboards, and produce detailed energy consumption reports.