Tibbo Smart I/O Controllers

Dawang Group is Tibbo's regional partner in supplying all Tibbo products as well as providing integration services with Dawang's security systems. As a smart security system, XtraDefense does more than just watching - it reacts. Besides cameras, XtraDefense reads from sensors and controls external devices through Tibbo IO devices. Tibbo programmable IO devices read sensor input from RS232/422/485 and translate them into TCP data recognizable by XtraDefense. We call this process IO over IP, which allows XtraDefense to read and manage virtually unlimited number of data input and output.

Unlike standard device servers, programmable controller has built-in CPU and RAM to execute user defined instructions stored in ROM/RAM. The functionality of controller is determined by the program loaded. Programmable controllers are used in XtraDefense system to distribute data processing load from single server to multiple controllers. Data is analyzed before sent to XtraDefense.